EAD Stylesheets

June 5, 2006

As an answer to the previous question…

Once you have your EAD xml file ready to go you need to go back to the Transform Clips.

Parse and Validate: This usually goes pretty smoothly.  Problems I have run into are:

  • There were & in the text and they just won't work.  I do a find & and replace with and. That usually works.
  • After much searching and grinding of teeth, I find that I wasn't paying close attention and after editing something I just clicked for the next click and put it in the middle of the one I was editing.  Also doesn't not work.

 Make HTML

  •  The first Finding Aid I did (a very short one) I tried out the different stylesheets to decide which I liked best.  I ended use with eadcbs6.xsl.  I run them using  msxsl as the Transform Engine. Why? Because it worked when I tried it.
  • After deciding on a stylesheet, I went into the stylesheet and edited it for my situation.  The sheets are in \eadcb\shared\styles
  • You can read down through and it will tell you where to put your unique info.
  • I used the school colors for the bgcolor (background color) in each column. 
  • You can put in a GIF file for you logo or other graphic.

I hope this helps.  If anyone has more specific questions, just add a comment.  


3 Responses to “EAD Stylesheets”

  1. jordon Says:

    i think you may have opened the floodgates. 🙂

    i have a very specific question. in the arrangement field, i cheated and added some non-breaking spaces to my outline so it would display indentation and, by that turn, help users can better envision the hierarchy. IE will parse, but firefox doesn’t like the   i’ve added. i thought about defining it the style, but that wouldn’t work because it would treat all the tags equally and we don’t want that. got any ideas?

    below is some code to give you an idea of what i’m trying to do. not sure if your text box dispays code.

    Arrangement of Collection

    1. Collier on Bankruptcy
    2. Correspondence
         2.1. National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges
         2.2. People
         2.3. Subjects
    3. Advisory Committee on Bankruptcy Rules
    4. Committee on Bankruptcy Rules and Procedure

  2. jordon Says:

    haha, i guess it reads XML. ok, guess that won’t work. imagine multiple instances of   where the indentation is, appearing within the “item” tag of the XML.

  3. Angela Says:

    If you do need to use an ampersand, type & (ampersand + “amp” + semicolon). That should do it.

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