EAD-to-HTML conversion

July 11, 2006

I received the following e-mail question from Jordon Steele, Archivist at the Biddle Law Library at U of Penn.

So I’ve encoded 3 finding aids in EAD and written the XSL stylesheets to convert them to HTML. However, when I display the XML files online and view the source code, the source code shows EAD tags and not HTML. As a result, older browsers won’t parse the XML and I get an error message. I think it has something to do with the fact that the XML to HTML conversion is being done in the browser, which is why older browsers that don’t understand XML can’t process the request. Check out the finding aids (“Collection Guides”) on my website and view the source to see what I’m talking about:


How did you get your EAD finding aids to display in HTML? Did you employ a conversion step before posting them on the web?

I went to look at his finding aids and they look great (I really like the style he used) in my browser. I use Firefox 1.0.4. which I really love, and it’s free!

I compared his source page to mine and it looks like he may have skipped the conversion step. The xml does need to be converted to html. This is one step in the process in NoteTab under Transform > Make HTML. I believe It can also be done in MS Word, but I use NoteTab so I don’t know the process.

If any readers have ideas about conversion, please let us know. Let’s help each other out here. 🙂


3 Responses to “EAD-to-HTML conversion”

  1. jordon Says:

    thanks, laura. i use notetab (pro) too, the most recent version, but i’m having trouble finding the transform > make html menu you’re referring to. the closest thing i see is under modify > document to HTML, but that option doesn’t call up my stylesheet, so it essentially makes an html doc with no style. any ideas?

    i looked around online last night, and altova’s XMLSpy has an HTML output function. but their software is hundreds of dollars, so i’m using their 30-day trial. if i could figure out how to do it on notetab, that would be ace! thanks again.

  2. jordon Says:

    oops, i mean linda. sorry. frazzled with this problem!

  3. Jordon, here is a thought. Is your stylesheet it the directory were the program is looking for it? The others are in \eadcb\shared\styles.

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