Saving e-mail as PDF/A

February 7, 2007

Every six month I save all the e-mail reference requests I get, along with my responses, to a PDF file. This is great if I get the same question, because of the automatic subject index. After the workshop yesterday I wanted to see if I could save them to PDF/A.

Oops I just figured it out. I was about to say I couldn’t do it. It’s a good think I write this blog, I learn a lot from myself. 😉

MS Outlook also has a dropdown menu at the top “Adobe PDF.” So I can do the same thing I did with MS Word. (See yesterdays comments.)

I did find that I can open the “Properties” on a PDF file to add subjects and tags.

I’d love to hear how other are doing with this.


One Response to “Saving e-mail as PDF/A”

  1. jordon Says:

    thanks for the tip re: subject and keyword tagging. i never realized this. i have a couple of questions:

    1) how do you search across requests? just using the microsoft search function (i.e., the little dog), or some other way that priveleges metadata over full text searching?

    2) can you open the properties in a PDF within adobe acrobat, or do you have to close the file, then right click on the icon? (i did the latter.)

    3) i can’t find the “adobe pdf” dropdown menu in outlook. i suspect this may have something to do with my version of either adobe acrobat (alas, only 6.0, so no pdf-a’s for now) or outlook (v. 11, from 2003). please confirm that i’m looking in the right place.

    thanks for blogging about this!

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