Using Archivists Toolkit to deal with the backlog

February 28, 2007

My backlog is sneaking up on me again. I’ve started working on a procedure for dealing with things before the piles start burying me again. I’m working on a strategy using Archivists Toolkit. The one thing I don’t see how to handle is how to prioritize accessions. I’m using ACC as a location code. I’m thinking of making it 1ACC, 2ACC, 3ACC, etc. so when I’m ready to move on to resources I won’t waste time with low priority items.

My other thought, that I would love some feedback on, is ACC numbers vs Call numbers.  I’m currently using four digit year dot three digit number (ACC 2007.001) and for the Manuscript collection the same scheme. (G. mss file 2007.001)  Part of me wants things to line up so the ACC number just becomes the call.  But I’m accessioning more than I’m cataloging. So… if I use the same number, it will look like items are missing from the mss file.

I plan to work in batches.  When something comes in I’m immediately putting it in an acid free envelope with a subject on the front and an priority number, in pencil of course. Then I put in one of three priority piles.

Dealing with the backlog

  • Input the all piles into AT accessions.  Priorities 2 and 3 can then be put in the ACC files.
  • Input priority 1 files into AT resources
  • Export MARC for each (file name MARCwhatever)
  • Add to Voyager, note Bib number
  • Put Bib number in AT resources
  • Delete exported MARC file.

OK that’s my plan.  I’ll tell you tomorrow how it works.


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