So many workshops…so little time.

May 10, 2007

After just getting all charged up on AT yesterday, I went to an RRLC workshop today on Environmental Concerns & the Care of Graphic Materials.  So I’m all charged up about that.  Now I’m taking two weeks vacation, but the first thing I do when I get back is go to a workshop on Scrapbook preservation.  I get excited about all these things, it makes setting priorities difficulty.  At least I’m never bored.

The workshop today was done by Michele Hamill and Tatyana Petukhove, both of Cornell.  Michele covered photographic materials, Tatyana artistic works on paper.  I have absolutely no art background so I picked up a lot from Tatyana, but a lot went over my head.  She did leave me feeling like I wish I were younger, I would love to get a degree in paper conservation.

Michele’s presentation was right on point for me.  I had been to other such workshops, but it was when I was just starting.  Now that I’m more grounded in what I am doing, I feel I added a great deal to my knowledge.

Here are the tidbits I noted, so I won’t forget while I’m on vacation:

  • Our stereographs are spread out throughout the photo collection.  I think we should bring them together as a collection, so they can be housed in the correct size plastic slides and acid free container.
  • We should think about digitizing our slides, when we finish the photo collection, because the equipment for viewing them is disappearing.
  • Photo paper we buy for printing our digitized images should always be the same brand as the printer.
  • Sara and I should work together on a proposal for creating an environmentally controlled space to house both the archives and the fine art collection.

Shopping list

  • We should buy those cool little lighted magnifiers for looking at artifacts, and a couple of those little spatulas for turning pages.
  • Determine what we need to buy for proper housing of both the art collection and oversized archives items.
  • A bigger paper cutter to handle to big tagboard sheets we use for phase box making.
  • Keep pushing for more shelf space.

Stray thoughts:  A good student worker job for next year would be to replace the labels on the document boxes.  Some are falling off, others have been scratched out and corrected with pencil as we went along.  I’m thinking it might be a good idea to put numbers on the boxes with a sharpie, to facilitate reshelving (in the right place.)

That’s it for a couple of weeks, I’m off birdwatching!


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