Archives manual

June 12, 2007

I’ve decided it’s time to get all the archives procedures that have been written up (many have not) into one place.  It’s that old “what would they do if I got hit by a truck” scenario.

I’m searching for the files, on all the computers and disks I can think of, moving them to a folder on my computer named “Archives manual”.  Next, I’m converting them to PDF and saving them on the Archives server so they will be both backed up, and accessible to the rest of the library staff.  I decided on PDF with the hope I can figure out how to index the whole lot.

I had hoped I could just append like I do with the faculty e-mail, but that doesn’t seem to be an option in Word.  I can insert pages so perhaps that is what I will end up doing.

As always, if you know how to index or have other great tips, I’d love to hear from you and will share the information here.


2 Responses to “Archives manual”

  1. Nora Hardy Says:

    Hi Linda –
    Just discovered your blog and enjoyed it very much. Did you know that SCRLC is offering a class on using PDF as the basis of a filing system? Here’s the link – – Eric Machan Howd will teach it in Ithaca, NY on 8/14/07. If you need more info, please let me know!
    Nora Hardy

  2. Kim Laird Says:

    Dear Laura,

    We had the same experience with our Acquisitions & Serials manual. What I wound up doing was putting everything into one big Word document, which is on a shared drive, so that everyone has access to it.

    Before that, I did printouts of everything, put them all into file folders, and rearranged the file folders until they formed a logical order & a logical progression of events in our department.

    Then I pulled those files together from what I had online & typed in whatever was missing in between. It took several years, but was well worthwhile. Keeping it updated is always a priority & I keep a running Word file open for process & procedural arrangments. I also keep a running history so that what we did & why is also recorded, including our various name changes as a department, which may sound silly, but it is something that new people ask about & it is relevant to what they need to know. Hope that’s helpful.

    As for the index, I used Word’s indexing capabilities & also TOC creation capabilities, rather than going to a pdf file translation.

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