Data Entry

July 6, 2007

OK, here is what I’m thinking.

I’ll use Archivist’s Toolkit for the description of the collection.  I will definitely do the subject and names via AT.

Then I will add the inventory/container list to the finding aid via Notetab/EAD Clips.  The clips allow for a little faster data entry because you can set the box number and the folder numbers are automatically increased by one.

I have a collection of 79 boxes that I had my student workers input the Box/folder/title into MS Access.  I used it to create labels. I’ll cut and paste from that into Notetab.  I set describing this collection as my summer goal, that’s why I am thinking this through at this point.

With new collections I will try having the SWs enter the data directly into AT.  That should go fairly smoothly, I think…


AT Rapid Data Entry

July 5, 2007

I’ve set myself the task of reading through the manual for the Archivist’s Toolkit.  I found out about rapid data entry in resources and thought I was really on to something that would aid me with big collections.  I envisioned giving student workers permissions for entry input.  Unfortunately I ran into problems.  After inputing the first item I clicked +OK to go to a new entry, and the buttons for OK and +OK for the new entry were beyond to bottom of the screen.  I tried everything I could think of, but couldn’t even close out the entry window.  I was stuck in a loop and had to shut down the program to get out.

After checking the list archives and the bug list on the site I wrote to the list for help.  I got an almost immediate answer (Thank you) that it probably has to do with my screen resolution. Lee recommended  1280 x 1024. It looks like the best resolution I can get is 1024 x 768, so for now I guess I’m out of luck.  Back to reading more of the manual.

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