Photo digitization project

September 24, 2007

I just learned from my daughter that Photoshop has an “actions” feature that would let us automate the procedure of saving our tiff files to jpeg and then to jpeg thumbnails.  I got all excited because this could certainly save student worker, Jessica Julius’ sanity.  She is the only person, that I
trust with this job.

Of course when checking it out I discovered that since we are using Photoshop Elements, that came with the scanner, we can’t do it.  It doesn’t include this feature.  So now I’m lobbying for an upgrade.

Anyone out there have experience with this that they
would like to share?


4 Responses to “Photo digitization project”

  1. Janine Says:

    Hi. We use Corel PhotoPaint 13 for digitizing our images and can write scripts to automate the making of jpgs and thumbnails. Must be a similar function on Photoshop?

  2. csw Says:

    elements does have a similar, yet more limited feature. it is a batch processing option that lets you do a few preset actions like rotating, etc. i do not have elements in front of me right now to tell you exactly where, but play around and you will find it. i think there may be a tiff -> jpg action.

  3. Kent Says:

    We use Photoshop’s batch editing feature all the time, to reduce dpi, convert to jpg, resize, make thumbnails, etc. I can’t imagine life without it.

  4. Jackie Says:

    I have always believed in making the computer do the work for you and we use the actions in our archives on a regular basis. I didn’t try to do the process in one action, but broke it down into the following:

    Convert from 600dpi to 300dpi and convert to grayscale.
    Convert from 300dpi .tif to 72dpi .jpg that is 2″ wide.

    It works great. I always make sure to copy the original files to the destination folder, just in case it doesn’t save them as separate files. But the actions alone justify the cost of the upgrade. It saved my sanity.

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