Wiki not taking off.

January 30, 2008

I’ve had lots of “Tommy the Traveler” researchers in for class, but none of them have posted on the wiki yet.  My daughter tells me that no one wants to be the first.  I was trying to encourage the students who were in yesterday to kick it off, but no luck so far.


I’ve set up a wiki for class input on pbwiki.  Brian McDonald, our electronic services librarian,  suggested pbwiki as a platform since we are in the experimental stage. We will not have to worry about messing up any of our servers by accident.

I’m working with Susan Hess, instructor in Writing and Rhetoric, who has a class researching “Tommy the Traveler”, an undercover agent who infiltrated the campus anti-war activists in 1970.

Take a look.  I’ve put on the finding aid and set up pages for them to add their findings.  Since this is a first try for us, I would love any comments from someone more experienced.

My beloved minions return.

January 23, 2008

My student workers are back and I am so happy. They add so much life to the archives!

I’ve come up with some special projects for a few of my seniors.  Jessica Julius, primo scanner, it reviewing everything yet to be scanned to determine if there are some things in the files that can be cataloged by not scanned, e.g. library party circa 1975.  I had a question yesterday asking if there are photos I wouldn’t bother to catalog.  I figure, if you don’t intend to catalog them, you might as well toss them now.  No one will be able to find them, and whoever follows you in the job will come upon them and have to decide what to do with them.

I’m asking Sarah Rosemarino, primo phase box maker, to check to old library accessions books to see what books we can find in the S.C.C. (special closed collection) that were originally given by Benjamin Hale.  We are thinking of setting up a Hale Collection.

I’m still working on ideas for Kate Schuster, Tiffany Bennett and Betsy Dingman.  I’m losing half my staff to graduation.

Cataloging photos

January 15, 2008

I’ve just been asked about the templates I use for cataloging photos in Voyager. Since I have it all written out I thought I might as well share it here. Any catalogers out there, feel free to tell me if I’m doing it wrong.

For the Marc bib record I use the following template:
099 _ 9 ‡a G phot file [insert phot number]

245 0 0 ‡a [insert title] ‡k photograph.

260 __ ‡c [insert date]

300 __ ‡a 1 ‡f Photograph: ‡b b&w; ‡c 18 x 13 cm. [change subfields as needed]

506 __ ‡a For use only in the Colleges Archives.

520 2_ ‡a [scope and content]

530 __ ‡a Electronic reproduction available.

533 __ ‡a Electronic reproduction, ‡b Geneva, N.Y.: ‡c Hobart and William Smith Colleges, ‡d [insert year scanned] ‡e Scanned at 300dpi and saved in TIFF format; resized at 640 pixels as JPEG for catalog display

540 __ ‡a It is the Colleges policy that material in its collection be made available for research and scholarship. We ask that should material be reproduced or published in any way, that the Colleges are given appropriate credit.

610 24 ‡a Hobart and William Smith Colleges, ‡b Trinity Hall. ‡v Photographs. [change subject as needed]

651 _4 ‡a Geneva, N.Y. ‡v Photographs.

655 _7 ‡a Black-and-white photographs. ‡2 AAT [change as needed]

856 __ ‡d /m1/voyager/images/ ‡f XXX_t.jpg ‡o UNIX [this is where the Archives webpage picks up the pictures.. the XXX is the filename for the thumbnail that shows up]

For the MARC holding record I use this template:

852 8_ ‡b ARCH.PHOT ‡h G phot file [same as bib 099]

856 41 ‡u ‡z <img src=”; border=”0″> [this shows the thumbnail in the voyager record, when you click it brings up the full picture. Again the XXX is the file name]

I’m in Claremont, CA (Pomona College) attending a NITLE workshop on collaboration in the Digital Age.  Wow!  I’ve seen and heard about some great things going on “out there.”

The one that excited me most, since I can see an immediate use, is using a wiki to make a resource available online. Michael Tinkler and I have been talking about collaborating on a book about the campus building.  The wiki seems like the perfect way to attack it.  I can start it with the information I currently have as a static webpage. I envision adding a timeline, and pictures of each building.  I could possibly have more than one picture, looking at different time periods.  Michael and his students could then add more information as is it discovered. I suspect it would be best to restrict revisions to those in Michael’s classes, but we would need a way to get input from alums and the community.  I’m already thinking of other resources to handle this way.

My thanks to John Anderies and Robert Kieft of Furnam University for their presentation, “Creating the Digital Dictionary of Quaker Biography: The Wikification of a Hallowed Reference Source.”

2nd Life

January 3, 2008

I was lucky enough to go to a workshop on Second Life done by Jill Hurst-Wahl at the Rochester  Regional Library Council  in December.  Jill is a great trainer!

I had tried 2nd Life at home earlier in the year from home.  It turned out my computer didn’t have enough memory.  This intrigues me and I wanted another shot.

After the workshop I spent some time at work (better equipment) trying again.  I got in and was able to do everything on Orientation Island.  I changed my appearance, learned to walk and fly, learned to communicate.  I was having a great time and looking forward to seeing Information Island, but my display was constantly flashing colors and patterns over what I was doing.  My final decision was that my Video card wasn’t up to the task.  Bummer!  I guess I have to wait until the “average computer” catches up to the 2nd life requirements before I can have a 2nd life.

It does seem like an interesting learning tool.

Happy New Year

January 2, 2008

Looks like it’s going to be a big year here.  I’m finally sending off 6 years of student newspapers to be digitized and microfilmed today. We plan try making them available using the open source software ResCarta and we are using Northern Micrographics.  I will try to keep you up to date as the project unfolds.

The 1st floor of the library will be totally remodeled this spring into a Learning Commons.  14 people will be moving their offices here from IT.  It order to fit them in, major house keeping taking place.  It’s going to be “fun”!

Happy New Year!

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