February 28, 2008

The Lone Arrangers have just set up a  great ning site at  Check it out.  Much better than Facebook because it has an RSS feed.


Adobe 8.0

February 27, 2008

I’m going insane here.  I can’t get my faculty e-mail files to come up as PDF/A compliant.  I even went back to my handouts from the Preservation Options of PDF with Geof Huth last year.  I checked everything that was checked that I could make out on the handouts, to no avail.  It does not seem to be embedding the fonts.


PDF/A Adobe 8.0

February 27, 2008

Well I finally got Adobe Pro 8.0 installed.  I was looking forward to switching over to the PDF/A higher standard.

I use this to archive the FacAdm and FacStaff list e-mails, since they have taken the place of written memos. I tried just appending to the existing file as always but because the of the difference in version it had to convert the file to a “package”.  The package doesn’t seem to have the nice indexing.  It is keyword searchable. Tomorrow I think I’ll start it as a new file to finish out the year.  We’ll see how that goes.

Once again, I’m very glad I blog, because I was able to click on the tag PDF/A and know what I did when I first set up this system.  I had long forgotten.

Many thanks to Mitch for telling me about the program “Renamer” to solve my last tif to jpg to thumbnail problem!!!

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve begun an “Archives Procedures Manual or What to do if the Archivist gets hit by a bus.”  Here is the page I’m putting in for Reformatting Tiffs.  As always, let me know if you see someway I can do it better or more efficiently.

In My Computer:

Tiff’s are saved in a phot_file folder numbered the same as the CD. [\PHOT_FILE_01]

Copy all the files from the folder into the \PhotFile\temp folder

Open ReNamer
drag files from folder in to Renamer
Rule Remove all “G.Phot file “ (skip extension)
Click rename

In Photshop:

Open all of the Tiff files in \PhotFile\temp

File menu/automate/batch/Save as jpeg

File menu/automate/batch/Run action Resize 640

Close all

In My Computer

Copy all jpgs from \Photfile\temp to \Phot file

Open ReNamer  [insert “_t” as Suffix (before extension)]

In Photshop:

File menu/automate/batch/Run action Resize 200

Copy thumbnails from \photfile\temp to \photfile

In My Computer:

Delete Tiff’s from \PhotFile\temp

Great suggestions

February 15, 2008

Thanks for all the great suggestions on tracking what people have used on past visits to the archives.  If you haven’t seen them check out the comments on my last post.

I think I’m going to put together some combo of the suggestions.   I’m going to want it to be on the computer though.  We need to get them to add a database for Clients to Archivists Toolkit.  Then we could link to the collections used.

It is so wonderful to send a question out into the void and actually get answers!!

I’m beginning to wonder if I should keep a record of everything I ever find for people, and where I found it, since they don’t seem to keep track themselves.  In this case it’s photos pulled from a 17 box collection on an uncataloged subject.  Sometimes I feel lucky to fulfill the request the first time.  To remember a year later, how I tracked it down requires a younger brain I guess.

Any of you have a system for this kind of thing?

I now have ten student workers trained and inputting data on Archivists Toolkit.  We are flying through the Half-Dime Novels that our donor started sending with the beginning of the new tax year.  Viva AT, Viva Student Workers.

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