Photo digitization, again, again

February 21, 2008

Many thanks to Mitch for telling me about the program “Renamer” to solve my last tif to jpg to thumbnail problem!!!

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve begun an “Archives Procedures Manual or What to do if the Archivist gets hit by a bus.”  Here is the page I’m putting in for Reformatting Tiffs.  As always, let me know if you see someway I can do it better or more efficiently.

In My Computer:

Tiff’s are saved in a phot_file folder numbered the same as the CD. [\PHOT_FILE_01]

Copy all the files from the folder into the \PhotFile\temp folder

Open ReNamer
drag files from folder in to Renamer
Rule Remove all “G.Phot file “ (skip extension)
Click rename

In Photshop:

Open all of the Tiff files in \PhotFile\temp

File menu/automate/batch/Save as jpeg

File menu/automate/batch/Run action Resize 640

Close all

In My Computer

Copy all jpgs from \Photfile\temp to \Phot file

Open ReNamer  [insert “_t” as Suffix (before extension)]

In Photshop:

File menu/automate/batch/Run action Resize 200

Copy thumbnails from \photfile\temp to \photfile

In My Computer:

Delete Tiff’s from \PhotFile\temp


4 Responses to “Photo digitization, again, again”

  1. Seth Says:

    I am curious why you choose to change the Tiff into a Jpeg before the resize instead of the other way around? I would imagine (although I don’t have anything to do benchmarks with) that it would be faster to resize and then save as Jpegs. But I don’t suppose there would be that much difference in processing time between the two (depending on the computer) to really be of concern.

  2. Janine Says:

    Hi. This ‘Renamer’ program sounds great. Which one do you use?

  3. Seth,

    I changed it to jpeg first when we were doing it individually it protected the tiff from stupid mistakes. I just followed the same sequence when I automated it.

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