Graduating Seniors

April 30, 2008

I wish we didn’t have to let them go!

The library is having a reception this afternoon for our graduating student workers.  We had each of them choose a title to be added to the collection in their honor.  I just finished setting up the display cases with their choices.

I’d like to give my special thanks to Jessica Julius, Sarah Rosemarino, Tiffany Bennett, Betsy Dingman and Kate Schuster for their great work in Archives.  Jess and Sarah started as freshmen and it’s exciting to think how far we’ve gotten with digitization and preservation of rare books in those four years.

PS Kate may graduate in December.


I was in the library atrium the other day when a tour of prospective students came through. The usual complaint is that the tour guide usually limits the commentary to “that’s the library, and if you look down there you will see the mummy.” I nearly fell over here I heard “that’s the library, the mummy and the archives are down there. The archives has a lot of stuff on the history of the colleges.”

A couple of years ago the standard comment, anywhere, re: archives was: “We have an archives?”

Here is a look at our mummy. She is hoping to perhaps go home to Egypt as part of the library renovation.

HWS mummy

IM Reference

April 17, 2008

I just answered my first reference question that came in via Meebo IM on the Archives page. A request was left yesterday afternoon at 5PM and was waiting for me this morning. I just sent out the scan of a photo of William Dexter Wilson, prof from 1850-1868. I think we might be entering the 21st Century. William Dexter Wilson

It looks as if Archives is going to be moving as part of the library renovation for the Learning Commons.  At first I was going to stay were I am and expand into the Rare Book Room.  The compact shelving in “old cold storage” would hold the expanded SCC (Special Closed Collection) and the boxed Archives collections.

The new plan calls for what is now Archives to become offices.  I’ll move across the aisle, with a “public face” for the Archives.  (new furniture, new look) A 2nd door will be cut at the back and straight into “new cold storage.”  This is great planning because “new cold” is where all the boxed collections, supplies, and Geneva collection already are, so none of that will need to be moved.  Bound JSTOR periodicals will be moved out to make space for the SCC.  At this point I’m always sending student workers off with my keys to get something from back there.

All of this waits for a vote from the Board of Trustees.  I’m having a lot of fun “cleaning up” for the move and contemplating the future.

PDF/A email procedure

April 3, 2008

This is what I have so far.  I’m having trouble figuring out how to append the messages with the new procedure of using “print” to make the emails PDF/A.  Perhaps I will do it monthly, then combine the months at the end of the year.  Ideas always welcome.

FacAdmin and FacStaff e-mail (March 2008)
At this point almost all faculty and staff memos are circulated ONLY by e-mail.  We are using Adobe Professional 8.0 and saving them on the Archives Server. 

  • E-mail is set up to automatically add to the correct folder (FacAdmin or FacStaff) when it is received.
  • Daily read messages.  Delete any that are not appropriate for archiving.
  • The first messages of the year
    • Highlight messages
    • Print –
      • Printer Name: Adobe PDF
      • click properties: default Setting should be PDF/A-1b:2005 (RGB)
      • check “Print attached files” under Print Options
    • Save to archive$ on ‘archives’ \Archives\FacAdm (or Facstaff) as FacAdm.pdf (or Facstaff.pdf)
    • In Adobe
      • Advanced drop down menu
      • Preflight
      • Verify PDF/A
    • Delete messages
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