The title is a movie quote from “Burn after Reading” that I love because it fits everything.  In this case I’m referring to rewriting the Emergency Management plan using a wiki.  It seemed like such a great idea, but:

  • Until I broke it down to a bunch of same page, it took way too long to load and then save an update.
  • All the different font sizes we got because we were all cutting and pasting from other files drove us all nuts.  I didn’t want to take the time to make it pretty since we were just in the draft stage.
  • I woke up in the middle of the night and thought –why didn’t I use Google Documents.  If only I had thought of that a month ago!

The wiki was good for bringing a lot of pieces of information together so we could share them.  But not for editing.  So, what did we learn from this?


Mummy- Last step

January 29, 2009

Of course I haven’t gotten to this yet.  I’m going to put all the documentation I have about the mummy in a plastic shelve on top of the box.

It is fun to imagine a whole new library staff 20 years from now, opening the box and saying, “What the [expletive of your choice]!! Did you know we had a mummy??”  But it doesn’t seem quite fair.

Boxing the mummy-step 6

January 28, 2009

It was now time to do the boxing.  There was some talk of boxing me instead. But I declined.

Linda boxed

We had to carefully fit the top of the sarcophagus.


Lower her into the box.


I think Spike was jealous.


Boxing the Mummy-Step 5

January 23, 2009

Now we are in the Rare Book Room.  We put the corrugated plastic on the table to protect both the table and the sarcophagus.  As you would guess, Vince and I both took a lot of pictures.


We also used the plastic  to take measurements so we could add foam padding to the inside of the box to keep the sarcophagus from shifting inside the box.


Are we having fun, or what!

Boxing the Mummy-Step 4

January 22, 2009

Now, how to get her to the Rare Book Room where we will fit her into her box?


We used the top to the new box and stripped in on top of an old rolling card cart.


This is Vince Boisselle on the other end of the cart.

Glass on

She was in a glass display case and we had to lift the huge box of glass up and over her.   This was the part that worried us the most.  What if we dropped the glass on top of her.

Lifting the glass.

Lifting the glass.

With the help of our construction friends with huge suction cups for moving glass, and our two tallest librarians (Joseph Chmura and Brian McDonald) it went very smoothly.

Glass off

Abner Jackson Journal Blog

January 20, 2009

I had a question about use of the Abner Jackson Journal Blog from Kate Theimer (, who is working on a book on Archives and Web 2.0.  My gut response was, it doesn’t get used.  Don’t trust my gut, I went in to to check and here are the stats for it’s 2.25 years on the web.

2006 averaged 99 hits/month (3 months)

2007 averaged 217/month

2008 averaged 310/month

Not too shabby. 🙂

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