My position was recently re-evaluated, because it was realized that I didn’t really fit under any current policies. I went from a 12 month appointment where I worked 940 hours per year, with full benefits except vacation, personal days and sick leave…to a 10 month appointment where I work 930 hours per year, with full benefits. Since I have two months off in the summer, no vacation or personal days. This is all at the same pay rate, so I don’t lose anything.

This happened two days before before I left for “vacation.” I had asked for a week and a half, it was actually comp time, but was told to take 2 and a half weeks, to use all of the comp time. The new contract will start July 1st, so I’ll work the month of June, then be off from July 1st until August 15th.

Now anyone in their right mind would say whoopee!! But not being in my right mind, I was thrown completely off balance. I haven’t had this much time off since around 1978, and I’m not that all that great at using time off well. I’ve been keeping busy and using my time fairly well, but still spend a lot of time thinking about work. Perhaps if I write down what I need to do when I get back, I’ll be able stop running it over in my mind constantly.

  • Get the Vail photos up on CONTENTdm.
  • Figure out how to set up a new finding aid style sheet in Archivist’s Toolkit.
  • Inventory the vault.
  • Work on a BI for Primary Resources using ideas I’ve been picking up from the book “Made to Stick”.
  • Get a list going of projects for student workers in the fall.
  • Set up staff training for care of rare books an archives in the event of water or other damage due to an emergency.

I’ll probably be adding to this when I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep, because I’m thinking about work. That may be more than I can do in the month of June anyway. I’ll start working on my August list. 🙂


We just did the AT update.  I’m very happy with the search function now.  Before I didn’t see how to search for a word in a title.  Now it’s great. I love that it drills down into the components.

They say that one of the new features is improved stylesheets.  I don’t see any links to the stylesheets and the new features documentation doesn’t cover it so I’m in the dark.

I took a shot at tweaking the old stylesheet, a while back, without success.  Good project for the summer I guess.

We had a party to recognize our graduation seniors yesterday. We have started a tradition of having each seniors choose a book to add to our collection, to which we add a book plate with their name.

I will greatly miss

Hayley Mason,hayley2

Oliver Meeker,



Deana Stuart,

dale2and Dale Watkins.

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May 1, 2009

We had a great meeting yesterday with Alumni/ae house and Communications.  We determined what everyone’s needs are and how we can help each other.  I’m going to share our scanning procedures. Sara will help with organization and cataloging. And we will work at becoming a “lobbying group” to find for the money needed for software and storage space.  I’m quite encouraged.

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