It seems like I keep coming up with uses for this FreeMind program. Now I’m working on an organization chart for archives that mirrors the colleges’ organization.

Our archives was originally set up, low those many years ago, doing item cataloging. I’ve been slowly changing to putting incoming materials into collections. We have never had the archives set up in record groups. College items, and anything else of local interest have pretty much been in the “same pot.” Now we are thinking along the line have record groups and pulling together items on say, a student organization, that are in 5 different locations [a folder here, a folder there] into one record group.

Step one, determining the record groups. That is where FreeMind comes in.

As always, if you have experience with record groups you think will help me on to the right track, I would love to hear from you.


Mind map presentation

December 9, 2009

I thought the presentation using the mind map last Friday went rather well.  It made it easy for me to keep track of where I was going, and also let the audience know.  I just opened each node as I talked about it, then closed it again, so the map didn’t become confusing. I think I preferred it over PowerPoint, because I have a tendency to forget which slide is coming up next with PowerPoint, and with MM I always knew where I was and where I was headed.

It was a very informal presentation, and I didn’t get any feedback on using the MM, only the presentation.  I’m hoping it worked for my fellow archivists as well as it worked for me.

Of course there always has to be a problem.  When I hooked up to their projector the fonts on my screen went tiny.  On the MM I just zoomed in and it was find. When I got to demonstrating EAD with Notetab, however, I couldn’t find any zoom function.  I could barely read it on my laptop screen, let alone the projection.  I could have probably reset the screen resolution, but didn’t think of it at the time.  It really doesn’t help much when you get the solution while driving home.

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