I've been the archivist at Hobart and William Smith Colleges since 2003. Before that I was the automation consultant for the Pioneer Library System for many years. The transtition from library to archives took a while and I still learning every day.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. jason Says:

    Hi Linda-

    I had emailed you before about EAD and you added my blog to your roll (thanks-eventhough I haven’t posted anything lately).

    Anyway-are you going to SAA next week? I will be there. I’m curious as to how much blogging will be done while people are in DC…or even when they return.

    I also hope they have wifi at the hotel for those of us with laptops.

  2. Jason,

    I can’t go to SAA this year. I’m planning on next year.

    I hope someone blogs, so I can pick up some good stuff. Hotels at conferences I’ve been to lately do have Wi-Fi. I’m just back for a vacation in Vermont and they had Wi-Fi in McDonald’s and convenience stores!

  3. Brian Says:


    I am a student at the University of Pittsburgh in the MLIS program. I am taking our intro to Archives course which has a research paper.
    For my topic I have decided to look at the implications of archiving (or not archiving) the world wide web. Are there any blogs that you know of that have discussed this topic? Please respond via e-mail if you prefer.


  4. Ashley Says:

    How does one get into archiving? I have a degree in history and love to be buried in dust and family research products, but I’m not quite sure how to make a career out of it. I’ve been in marketing for 6 years and I would love to make the transition. Any suggestions?

  5. Hi, Ashley,

    Your best source of information on this will be Society of American Archivists at http://www.archivist.org. Most archivist have a masters degree in library and information science. There is also a Certification program.

    You might want to start by volunteering at a local historical society or museum.

    Good luck to you. Let me know how it goes.

    With hope,

  6. s Says:

    I know so many jobs want the MLIS. Do you think it is a requirement? I have experience in archives and also a history M.A. I’m working a “clerical” type non-professional library position right now and am trying to figure out my options.

  7. Gordon Says:

    I’m enjoying reading your blog and have just added you to my own blogroll and RSS feed. In response to “s” about needing a MLIS, I’d say it depends on the job you’re applying for. In the corporate or nonprofit world, I’d say experience matters more than the MLIS. I have a MA in history and have done just fine in this niche. More traditional academic institutions or government archives might have a more strict policy about hiring someone without the MLIS, but I think of it more as a screening out process. If you have the experience and think you can do well in an interview, I wouldn’t be afraid of applying, regardless of the MLIS requirement.

    I do think, however, the Archival Certification is becoming more important. I’m seeing more jobs advertising with that as a desire or requirement. I do not have the CA as of yet, but am thinking of studying for it next year. I’d be curious to read some thoughts on the necessity of Archival Certification.

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