Thinking on updating

January 14, 2011

I am working on brainstorming two things at once.

  1. What to included when updating the current archives webpage to look more like the library webpage.
  2. Content for a presentation I’ll be doing next week of my use of digital images.

Luckily, both things seem to require much the same content. 🙂

For the presentation I have:

  • Providing research materials for faculty
  • Working with a class building a wiki with information on campus buildings
  • Cataloged images in the OPAC, with links to images in the holdings field
  • PR through the library blog
  • Images added to the RRLC CONTENTdm project, FLAG Heritage

Ideas for the near future:

  • Using an online site like to build timelines, campus buildings, college presidents, any other ideas?
  • Setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts to make more people aware of our collections. See: National Archives (@archivesnews) on Twitter
  • Setting up a Flickr account to post images and get feed back on who, when, what and where on photos that we are clueless, or almost clueless about. Similar to the Library of Congress project. Have any of you tried this? How did it go?

All suggestions gratefully accepted.


Great suggestions

February 15, 2008

Thanks for all the great suggestions on tracking what people have used on past visits to the archives.  If you haven’t seen them check out the comments on my last post.

I think I’m going to put together some combo of the suggestions.   I’m going to want it to be on the computer though.  We need to get them to add a database for Clients to Archivists Toolkit.  Then we could link to the collections used.

It is so wonderful to send a question out into the void and actually get answers!!

Abner Jackson Journal

September 25, 2006

Thanks to Michael Tinkler, Assistant Professor of Art, and a grant from the Provost we now have

from the private journals of
President of Hobart College from 1858 to 1867.


compiled by his daughter,
Mrs. Philip Norborne Nicholas.

available as a PDF online.

Michael discovered this journal while doing research on St. John’s Chapel. He then got a grant from the Provost to have it reproduced as a computer document. How here it is!

Michael also came up with the idea of doing a Jackson Journal Blog, where we could post one entry as at a time, making it fun and easy to read the whole thing and get a feel for live at Hobart College in the mid-nineteenth century. We hope to have a campus blog set up and persue this as a joint venture.

Christopher Harris who did the workshop on Blogging I mentioned last week, has just added his full presentation for an all day workshop he is doing online.  If you are interested I blogging I highly recommend it.

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