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January 25, 2011

Last Friday I was part of a panel at the Pioneer (public) Library System meeting. The purpose was to get the libraries interested/excited about providing digital content to their patrons.

Blanche Warner of the Naples Public Library told about a community funded project that digitized a local person’s love letters, sent home during the Civil War.  The project was outsourced. The search capability is good and the letters are a lot of fun to read. She also showed a clip of the local news doing a piece on the collection, great PR.

I talked about the things I wrote about in my last blog entry.

April Younglove and Debbie Emerson of the Rochester Regional Library Council (RRLC) talked about the FLAG Heritage project of putting local images on CONTENTdm. FLAG is in the process of merging with a similar New York State project, New York Heritage. They explained how the libraries could get involved and how much support they are able to give. (A lot)

It seemed like quite a few librarians were interested in pursuing some of these options. I hope they are able to follow through.


My position was recently re-evaluated, because it was realized that I didn’t really fit under any current policies. I went from a 12 month appointment where I worked 940 hours per year, with full benefits except vacation, personal days and sick leave…to a 10 month appointment where I work 930 hours per year, with full benefits. Since I have two months off in the summer, no vacation or personal days. This is all at the same pay rate, so I don’t lose anything.

This happened two days before before I left for “vacation.” I had asked for a week and a half, it was actually comp time, but was told to take 2 and a half weeks, to use all of the comp time. The new contract will start July 1st, so I’ll work the month of June, then be off from July 1st until August 15th.

Now anyone in their right mind would say whoopee!! But not being in my right mind, I was thrown completely off balance. I haven’t had this much time off since around 1978, and I’m not that all that great at using time off well. I’ve been keeping busy and using my time fairly well, but still spend a lot of time thinking about work. Perhaps if I write down what I need to do when I get back, I’ll be able stop running it over in my mind constantly.

  • Get the Vail photos up on CONTENTdm.
  • Figure out how to set up a new finding aid style sheet in Archivist’s Toolkit.
  • Inventory the vault.
  • Work on a BI for Primary Resources using ideas I’ve been picking up from the book “Made to Stick”.
  • Get a list going of projects for student workers in the fall.
  • Set up staff training for care of rare books an archives in the event of water or other damage due to an emergency.

I’ll probably be adding to this when I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep, because I’m thinking about work. That may be more than I can do in the month of June anyway. I’ll start working on my August list. 🙂

PDF Viewbooks

August 5, 2008

Here is the procedure I worked out for displaying our viewbooks in PDF format in our Voyager catalog.

In Adobe Acrobat 8, Pro

  • Combine files –>Add files
  • Select all the files for the photos in the viewbook
  • Move them so they are in the correct order
  • Select “Larger File Size” [near bottom of the window]
  • Click next
  • Review the files to make sure they are in the correct order, then click create
  • When conversion is complete, click save
  • Save to the server that handles photos [h.15v1920.pdf]

In cataloging here are the changes to the basic photograph template

  • 300 ‡a 1 ‡f Pamphlet : ‡b b&w ; ‡c 18 x 13 cm.
  • Delete 500 ‡a Title supplied by cataloger.
  • 533 ‡a Electronic reproduction. ‡b Geneva, N.Y.: ‡c Hobart and William Smith Colleges, ‡d 2007 ‡e Scanned at 300dpi and saved in TIFF format; converted to PDF for catalog display.
  • If a viewbook, add the following, if not add the appropriate 655.
    • 655 7 ‡a Pamphlets. ‡2 AAT
    • 655 7 ‡a Viewbooks. ‡2 AAT
  • 856 should be the thumbnail for the cover
  • In the holding record 856

I suggest checking the record on Voyager immediately to catch mistakes in file names for display.

Let me know if you try it and like it. Or, as always, let me know if you have a better way.

There seems to be much repetition with in our photograph collection.  Many early viewbooks were taken apart and cataloged as separate images.  The student workers alerted me to the fact that they seemed to be scanning images that they had already scanned.  When there was more than one image on a page, we have scanned each separately.

I decided to catalog the whole viewbook as an item, so they started scanning them as whole pages, text and all. My first thought was to make each page a separate holding.  I’m glad to say that it dawned on me to make the whole viewbook one pdf file.  I used the genre heading “viewbooks” from AAT so they can all be found easily in the catalog.

This means that the same image can be found in the catalog with it’s own subject tracings, and as part of the viewbook from which it came.

I’m very happy with the results. 🙂

IM Reference

April 17, 2008

I just answered my first reference question that came in via Meebo IM on the Archives page. A request was left yesterday afternoon at 5PM and was waiting for me this morning. I just sent out the scan of a photo of William Dexter Wilson, prof from 1850-1868. I think we might be entering the 21st Century. William Dexter Wilson

Many thanks to Mitch for telling me about the program “Renamer” to solve my last tif to jpg to thumbnail problem!!!

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve begun an “Archives Procedures Manual or What to do if the Archivist gets hit by a bus.”  Here is the page I’m putting in for Reformatting Tiffs.  As always, let me know if you see someway I can do it better or more efficiently.

In My Computer:

Tiff’s are saved in a phot_file folder numbered the same as the CD. [\PHOT_FILE_01]

Copy all the files from the folder into the \PhotFile\temp folder

Open ReNamer
drag files from folder in to Renamer
Rule Remove all “G.Phot file “ (skip extension)
Click rename

In Photshop:

Open all of the Tiff files in \PhotFile\temp

File menu/automate/batch/Save as jpeg

File menu/automate/batch/Run action Resize 640

Close all

In My Computer

Copy all jpgs from \Photfile\temp to \Phot file

Open ReNamer  [insert “_t” as Suffix (before extension)]

In Photshop:

File menu/automate/batch/Run action Resize 200

Copy thumbnails from \photfile\temp to \photfile

In My Computer:

Delete Tiff’s from \PhotFile\temp

Cataloging photos

January 15, 2008

I’ve just been asked about the templates I use for cataloging photos in Voyager. Since I have it all written out I thought I might as well share it here. Any catalogers out there, feel free to tell me if I’m doing it wrong.

For the Marc bib record I use the following template:
099 _ 9 ‡a G phot file [insert phot number]

245 0 0 ‡a [insert title] ‡k photograph.

260 __ ‡c [insert date]

300 __ ‡a 1 ‡f Photograph: ‡b b&w; ‡c 18 x 13 cm. [change subfields as needed]

506 __ ‡a For use only in the Colleges Archives.

520 2_ ‡a [scope and content]

530 __ ‡a Electronic reproduction available.

533 __ ‡a Electronic reproduction, ‡b Geneva, N.Y.: ‡c Hobart and William Smith Colleges, ‡d [insert year scanned] ‡e Scanned at 300dpi and saved in TIFF format; resized at 640 pixels as JPEG for catalog display

540 __ ‡a It is the Colleges policy that material in its collection be made available for research and scholarship. We ask that should material be reproduced or published in any way, that the Colleges are given appropriate credit.

610 24 ‡a Hobart and William Smith Colleges, ‡b Trinity Hall. ‡v Photographs. [change subject as needed]

651 _4 ‡a Geneva, N.Y. ‡v Photographs.

655 _7 ‡a Black-and-white photographs. ‡2 AAT [change as needed]

856 __ ‡d /m1/voyager/images/ ‡f XXX_t.jpg ‡o UNIX [this is where the Archives webpage picks up the pictures.. the XXX is the filename for the thumbnail that shows up]

For the MARC holding record I use this template:

852 8_ ‡b ARCH.PHOT ‡h G phot file [same as bib 099]

856 41 ‡u ‡z <img src=”; border=”0″> [this shows the thumbnail in the voyager record, when you click it brings up the full picture. Again the XXX is the file name]

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