Finding aid revamp

April 21, 2010

Thanks to my buddy Brian McDonald (Electronic Services Librarian), most of our finding aids now look like the rest of the library webpages.  [good library branding] Check it out, Valerie Saiving Papers. It took his genius to figure out how to edit the AT style sheet and make it easy for me to add an image, if I have one.  I messed with it for a while, but no joy.  I used to do a lot of html, but never got into stylesheets and CSS, etc.

I still have 7 that are in PDF format. Some are between 16 and 86 pages, so I don’t envision revamping those any time soon.  If I need to add anything to one of those collections it might inspire me.  Nothing has been added to them since I’ve been here, so I think I’m safe.

There are also three that are in the old format that I may try to update.  One is the Holiday Cards.  It was the 1st one I did using the EAD Cookbook and I was able to add all the images.  It looks like AT doesn’t let you add images easily, so I may just leave that one alone.


We just did the AT update.  I’m very happy with the search function now.  Before I didn’t see how to search for a word in a title.  Now it’s great. I love that it drills down into the components.

They say that one of the new features is improved stylesheets.  I don’t see any links to the stylesheets and the new features documentation doesn’t cover it so I’m in the dark.

I took a shot at tweaking the old stylesheet, a while back, without success.  Good project for the summer I guess.

EAD-to-HTML conversion

July 11, 2006

I received the following e-mail question from Jordon Steele, Archivist at the Biddle Law Library at U of Penn.

So I’ve encoded 3 finding aids in EAD and written the XSL stylesheets to convert them to HTML. However, when I display the XML files online and view the source code, the source code shows EAD tags and not HTML. As a result, older browsers won’t parse the XML and I get an error message. I think it has something to do with the fact that the XML to HTML conversion is being done in the browser, which is why older browsers that don’t understand XML can’t process the request. Check out the finding aids (“Collection Guides”) on my website and view the source to see what I’m talking about:

How did you get your EAD finding aids to display in HTML? Did you employ a conversion step before posting them on the web?

I went to look at his finding aids and they look great (I really like the style he used) in my browser. I use Firefox 1.0.4. which I really love, and it’s free!

I compared his source page to mine and it looks like he may have skipped the conversion step. The xml does need to be converted to html. This is one step in the process in NoteTab under Transform > Make HTML. I believe It can also be done in MS Word, but I use NoteTab so I don’t know the process.

If any readers have ideas about conversion, please let us know. Let’s help each other out here. 🙂

EAD Stylesheets

June 5, 2006

As an answer to the previous question…

Once you have your EAD xml file ready to go you need to go back to the Transform Clips.

Parse and Validate: This usually goes pretty smoothly.  Problems I have run into are:

  • There were & in the text and they just won't work.  I do a find & and replace with and. That usually works.
  • After much searching and grinding of teeth, I find that I wasn't paying close attention and after editing something I just clicked for the next click and put it in the middle of the one I was editing.  Also doesn't not work.

 Make HTML

  •  The first Finding Aid I did (a very short one) I tried out the different stylesheets to decide which I liked best.  I ended use with eadcbs6.xsl.  I run them using  msxsl as the Transform Engine. Why? Because it worked when I tried it.
  • After deciding on a stylesheet, I went into the stylesheet and edited it for my situation.  The sheets are in \eadcb\shared\styles
  • You can read down through and it will tell you where to put your unique info.
  • I used the school colors for the bgcolor (background color) in each column. 
  • You can put in a GIF file for you logo or other graphic.

I hope this helps.  If anyone has more specific questions, just add a comment.  

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