Keep asking, and gathering bits of information and you will eventually get where you are going.  Thanks to Brian McDonald for knowing that Adobe needed to be reinstalled, Rob Beutner for helping to define where the problem was, and finally Geof Huth, the guru of PDF who gave that workshop a year ago.  I think I have the problem of making email into PDF/A solved.

The quick answer is  to have it printed to PDF and change the print default setting to PDF/A-1b:2005(RGB).  I’m going to be rewriting my procedure and will share it with you when I have kinks worked out.


2nd Life

March 28, 2008

Great news!  My computer has been upgraded and I can now do 2nd life.  I just tested it yesterday.  It’s a laptop, so I’ll take it home this weekend and see if I can start getting the lay of the land.

PDF/A again

March 27, 2008

I’ve still been struggling with the problem of saving email as PDF/A.  Rob Beutner from IT Services came over to help me out.  He was able to narrow the problem down to Microsoft Outlook not being one of the choices for the Converting to PDF Preferences.

On the Adobe Pro 8.0 drop down menus



        Covert to PDF


Abner Jackson Journal

March 13, 2008

The Abner Jackson Journal Blog is now complete.  I took a look back and found that I started it on October 31, 2006.  🙂

Cleaning up

March 13, 2008

The push for spring in the whole library is to clean out anything that is just taking up space.  It looks like Archives is the only thing that isn’t going to be moved this summer for the construction of the Learning Center on the 1st floor.

My bit has been to clean out the “vault”, which you couldn’t work through.  Since, in the fall the Rare Book Room is going to become part of Archives, we’ve moved some of the visually interesting items to the locked, glass cabinets in there.

There were also two shelves full of framed items.  I think most were in the vault only because there was no other place to put them.  I’ve divided them into those that would go well hung in the Rare Book Room and  those that can be “deframed”, foldered, and stored in the flat file.  Student worker Hayley Mason, has taken on the “deframing” project and is doing a great job with it.

The big clean up for me is to go through the “piles” that have built up again.  Once I get them in accessions in Archivist’s Toolkit, and they have a number on them, I can stick them in cold storage and know they won’t be lost.  Any yet, they are out of my way.

I’m still working on how to make my PDFs created from email, valid PDF/A’s.  Always looking for ideas.

Adobe 8.0

March 6, 2008

Note comment from Brian McDonald, our Electronic Services Librarian.  He found the fix that appended my emails.  Yay, Brian!!

I am still not able to validate the document as PDF/A.  I’m slowly working through possibilities.  I’ll let you know the settings if I ever, I mean when I, get it figures out.  I’m still very open to any suggestions.

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