S.T.D. in Archives

March 26, 2007

We are having fun today because I had Nick Cream working on a reference question about someone who received a honorary Doctorate of Sacred Theology in 1903. When asked what he was working on, he told his fellow workers he was researching a person that got an STD at Hobart in 1903. We had fun getting their reactions. 🙂


One of my senior student workers, Sarah Loomis, is carrying her camera everywhere with her for her last weeks at HWS, to document student life.  As she and another senior, Liz Staino, where talking about it they decided they should donate a copy to the Archives.  I said great, just get everyone’s name now.  Then Sara Greenleaf, head of Tech. Services got into the conversation and thought we should do some prints and use them in the display case for graduation.

On another note, I had a junior, Tiff Bennett, come up with the idea that we should have an Archives t-shirt.  Sophmore, Hayley Mason, came up with what it should say:

Where do I work?
In the library…
In the basement…
Past the Mummy…
In the cage..
HWS Archives.

Don’t we have fun!!

I must say that the e-mail I sent out a month ago to have materials sent to archives has paid off, both in materials and awareness.  I’ve been hearing from several offices that I hadn’t before and my campus reference requests have increased.  There is always the problem of getting the extra work done, but it’s good for Archives!

Accessions import-glory

March 14, 2007

I only had to add 7 records that did not transfer.  I’m off to a workshop tomorrow, Friday off.  I’m so glad I won’t be think about this all weekend

Lee ended up reworking my data and I was able to load more than half of it.  The other records were older and didn’t fit the scheme.  I’ll mess with those individually.

Here are some the things I was doing wrong:

  • I had some memo fields, they have to be text fields
  • Contact info seemed to be causing a problem, so I ended up leaving it out
  • When I was exporting from MS Access I forgot to tell it to include the field names as the first record
  • The data must be tab delimited with no text qualifiers

I hope this is helpful to others.  My best advice is, if you have any trouble contact the atug-l and Lee will help you out. 🙂

Accessions import

March 14, 2007

I tried a few more things with no success.  I posted my question on atug-l (Archivists Toolkit Users Group-list) and got a couple of suggestions which I tried.  This morning there was a posting from Lee Mandell, Design Team Manager, Archivists’ Toolkit, New York University asking me to send the file for him to look at.  Now that’s what I call support.  I’ll make sure to let you know what stupid thing I was doing. 🙂

Thank you Lee!

Importing-no glory

March 13, 2007

Ok, so of 230 records, 0 imported.  The error messages were about the accession number and date.

  • I’ve gone and put a date in for each record.I don’t get what the problem with the numbers was.  I thought it said it would parse it out with the dot as delimiter.
  • Second try it still didn’t take the dates.  I noticed the error message used “accession no” and “accession date” which is not what the table stated.  I’ve changed the field names to reflect the error message. Still no glory.
  • Third try, the error message uses caps for the field names.  I can’t think what else to try. Still no glory.

Any ideas?  I need your help.  I’ve joined the AT list, perhaps they can help.  But you readers are not off the hook. 🙂

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